Restock For Malaysia Uniqlo X KAWS Summer Is Confirmed On 30 Aug ’19

Calling all Kaws fans, if you missed out on your favorite piece during the launch on 3 June 2019 we have good news for you! This news is going to make your day even better. Before we tell you the amazing news, remember to share it with your friends and family as well.

Don’t Miss Out On This Second Chance


You heard it correctly! There will be a restock on a certain piece of apparel from Kaws: Summer. The restock will be happening on 30 August 2019 and this will be the opportunity for you to grab your favorite shirt. Be quick this time to not miss out again.

If you’re excited for this restock, remember to save the date and head over to the nearest Uniqlo on 30 August 2019.

Photo: @uniqlomyofficial (Instagram)

If you’re not familiar with Kaws, Brian Donnelly is the creator of the cross-eyed mask. His most famous work is a gray clown that resembles Mickey Mouse with his face covered by his hands. The name Kaws has no meaning to it other than it’s aesthetically pleasing when placed those letters together.

Kaws has collaborated with other companies that include Bathing Ape and Santastic. Moreover, you can see his designs for companies such as Original Fake, Kung Faux, Comme des Garcons, vans, Undercover, and Nike.

Photo: @uniqlomyofficial (Instagram)

Remember to share this amazing news to all your friends and family who are a fan of Kaws’ work.

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